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So, what does GolfBallKing do, exactly?

GolfBallKing sells high-quality recycled golf balls at a low cost.


Do pre-owned golf balls perform the same as new golf balls?

Yes. Pre-owned golf ball performance does not vary noticeably from new ones of the same make and model.


How does GolfBallKing grade its golf balls?

To keep the grading system as simple as possible, our golf balls are broken up into 3 different grades. These grades are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

  • Grade A: These golf balls play as a new ball would, and are in mint or near-mint condition. They likely have only been hit a few times, and may have small player markings, or the smallest of scuffs. They may include team or company logos. Grade A balls will never have X-OUT or PRACTICE stampings.
  • Grade B: These golf balls have cosmetic imperfections, but which do not affect play. They could contain player markings, minor scuffing, or a slight blemish or discoloration of sorts that prevents us from putting our "Grade A" stamp on them. They may include team or company logos as well as X-OUT or PRACTICE stampings.
  • Grade C (When available): These golf balls will have more player marks, scuffs, discoloration, or blemishes than grade B, and in certain cases ball flight may be slightly affected. These are great for practice sessions. They may include team or company logos as well as X-OUT or PRACTICE stampings. 

How does GBK prepare golf balls for sale?

Golf balls are prepared by a thorough bath in a series of solutions. After golf balls have been cleaned, they are sorted by model and quality, and subsequently packaged at the time of purchase.


What about water-logged golf balls?

We don’t sell any water-logged golf balls. In order to become water-logged, the outer casing of a golf ball must be penetrated, and our inspection team discards any such balls.


How much does shipping cost? What carrier do you use for shipping?

We are pleased to offer our customers a $9.99 flat-rate shipping fee, regardless of the size of your order.All orders are shipped through USPS or UPS.


When will you ship my order?

All orders will be shipped out the next business day. All orders placed on the weekend will be shipped out the following business day.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Why didn’t I receive a confirmation of my order after I made my purchase?

Confirmation emails are sent after every purchase. Be sure to check your junk folder in your email client if you do not see your confirmation email in your inbox.


What if I’m not satisfied with the golf balls I bought?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your golf balls, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  Initiate a return request through the “My Account” area or contact us at support@golfballking.com.


How do I view or change my personal information?

To change your email, password or contact information, visit the “My Account” page.


How do I reset my password?

When prompted to sign in, click the “Forgot your password?” link below the form to reset your password.